The Life With Lupus Now organization teaches coping techniques and pain management skills to women, men and children.


The training, support and consultant sessions for our members reflect a blend of medical experience in community settings. We provide twelve months of one hour weekly sessions of out patient support in the community to allow the members to discuss and become familiar with the disease of Lupus. Each member has the opportunity of being part of our support system institutional setting.


During our sessions, the members interact with fellow members and professional teams who participate in the support and care of the member as if we are part of their family. Personal and professional view are shared regarding Lupus and the progress of the disease as well as suggestions and measures that can be taken to keep the disease in remission. Likewise, we also discuss attitudes toward life, death and dying. These topics are discussed and reviewed within the team. We address the fears and concerns of those members and surviving family members.


We offer hope and encouragement to one another through music therapy sessions, games, and open forum discussions. We provide a safe, accessible environment for both adults and children.


We take pride in knowing that everything we do is with the utmost confidentiality and sincerity. We welcome everyone to attend our support group.


The Life With Lupus Now, Inc. is a 501-C3 nonprofit organized in 2005.